Featured Speakers

Officer Jermaine Galloway is a nationally and internationally recognized presenter, a four-time national award winner for his alcohol and drug trainings/ programs, and a resource for those involved with prevention and education. Officer Galloway was in law enforcement for just under 20 years and has trained over 150,000 people nationally and internationally. Galloway has presented at several state and national conferences including multiple state school counselor conferences.

Katey McPherson brings experience in school leadership, prevention, and organizational change with 25 years as a secondary school teacher, guidance counselor, and PK-12 school administrator. Katey’s educational career focus is on student and teacher social-emotional needs and wellness, youth mental health initiatives, social justice, and digital citizenship/social media responsibility. Katey recently led The Gurian Institute, an international teacher and parent training institute rooted in neuro-biological teaching strategies. Katey currently serves as a West Coast Associate of Hazard, Young, and Attea Associates and Advisory Board Member for Common Sense Media.

Katey has presented at numerous regional and national conferences including the National School Board Association, Arizona School Board Association, Arizona School Resource Officer Association, and National Mental Health of America SEEDS Conference, and has been published in the book, “WTF: Why Teens Fail, What To Fix”.  When not presenting or training, she is busy chauffeuring her 5 daughters aged 10-13 to various locations around the world.