AzSCA Journal

  College and Career Readiness: A Primer for School Counselors

May 2017

Professional School Counselors the AVID College Readiness System 

  • Jeff Cranmore. PhD, Grand Canyon University
  • N.J. Katusz-Utter, Director of College Readiness, Sunnyside Unified School District

For the past 35 years, the AVID College Readiness System has worked to prepare students to enter the college and the workforce with the required skills for success. This paper will review the history and mission of AVID, as well as provide a brief overview of the AVID materials/curriculum and the evaluation standards. Finally, there is discussion of the role professional school counselors play in the campus-level AVID program, and how they can provide guidance to an even greater number of students. 


Student Perceptions of College Readiness 

  • Jeff Cranmore. PhD, Grand Canyon University
  • Laura Isbell, PhD, Texas A & M Commerce University
  • Jennifer Akins, LPC, and School Counselor, McKinny High School
  • Mitch VandenBoom, Assistant Principal, McKinny High School

Virtually all high schools offer college and career guidance. However, once seniors graduate, little information is available to schools on the experiences of their students. This study explored college readiness through the lens of current college students. Utilizing an on-line survey, 86 college students reported their experiences, as well as offered suggestions to school counselors.  Overwhelmingly, students reported a need to increase the rigor of their course work, and to begin to transition toward a collegiate environment. The paper concludes with suggestions for school counselors on improving college readiness to ensure all students have equal access to ensure future success.