Gain Approval to Attend

Here are some tips for getting approval to attend 2018 AzSCA Conference. Customize a letter to your supervisor highlighting these - or other - reasons to make the conference a priority this February!

  • Review the schedule on the AzSCA website to identify educational sessions that address specific needs within your school and community. Use well-chosen words to justify which of your school needs will be met by which activity or session, and feel free to quote the session descriptions.
  • Identify your schools current initiatives, such as cutting costs, streamlining processes, building partnerships, implementing state initiatives, or overcoming specific challenges and then find corresponding sessions to attend. You will meet presenters with experience in these areas and get to know fellow attendees who face the same challenges you do. You will be able to use these important contacts as sounding boards throughout the coming year.
  • Identify current exhibitors with whom you can discuss future contracts or services. Learn about new vendors that offer applications and technologies you had not thought of using before. Let your imagination soar as you make new connections.
  • Prepare a list of the benefits that can be realized by your attendance. Then, explain to your supervisor the relationship between these conference activities and your professional and school goals. It’s important to be able to logically describe the benefits to your school and how you can make a positive impact with what you bring back with you.
  • Include the cost of registration, transportation, meals, and lodging in order to make a well-rounded proposal to your supervisor, and let your supervisor know that, if you were to compare the cost of this conference's registration with that of conferences of similar length, you would see that AzSCA’s registration fee is typically lower than other professional conferences. Commit the funds early to make sure they are there in the spring.
  • After the conference, follow up with your supervisor after you return from the AzSCA Annual Conference. They will want to know your impression of the conference, what you gained from it and how you will be able to apply lessons learned. Refer to your original request letter and goals to achieve while at the conference. Let your supervisor know what you have learned and how you will implement this knowledge. Share your new knowledge with colleagues in mini-workshops back at the office.
  • Most importantly, let your supervisor know that your participation in the AzSCA Annual Conference was a worthwhile investment for your institution and create a save-the-date reminder for the 2018 AzSCA Annual Conference.
Plan your strategy, prepare your letter and secure your approval to go. Bring the benefits of knowledge and professional growth home to your school and community!