2020-2021 Candidate Information

Meet the 2020-2021 Board Candidates

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Anne Cordasco

School Chandler Unified School District, Retired
Position Statement While my background may start out similar to many, I eventually made a change into direct leadership in order to have opportunities for wider influence. I became a school counselor after seeing the abundant needs of my students in the classroom.  Many times, I would see a student suffering and as a classroom teacher, I did not have the time or skill set to provide help. Today's students are navigating an ever increasing fast paced world that’s accessible at their fingertips.  I believe we can help. As professional school counselors, we need to have the tools and resources to walk with these students as they grow. We must educate others and build an understanding of the vital and pertinent role of the professional school counselor. As part of the AZSCA Board of Directors, I will advocate for our profession, work to empower and mentor professional school counselors and assist in providing access to effective resources.  As we stay abreast of current trends and information, we embrace change and lead the way.  Together we must be intentional in thought and deliberate in action.  We need to take care of ourselves effectively so that we can be present with our students. Why do I want to do this?  Because I, like you, want to help students become happy, successful adults.

Sherry Erling

School G. Frank Davidson Elementray
Position Statement In moving to the valley, I stepped back from the Board, but continued going to our amazing AzSCA conferences. This past year I re-joined the AzSCA board to assist with the conference committee, the professional development committee, and the Pinterest coordinator.

I have learned how the AzSCA Board members work tirelessly in their efforts to assist their students, families, and even take on the advocacy of the Arizona School counselors. Our AzSCA leaders have moved many mountains to help school counselors, the board is the reason we can call ourselves a School Counselor.

It is my intent to continue this service, and to strive to become a leader on the Board of Directors serving in new ways to advocate for school counselors, students and their families.

Zulema Fragoso

School Noglaes High School
Position Statement I am submitting this application for Board of Directors, as I wish to make a difference in our profession, especially in our region of the state. I used to think coming from a small border region like Santa Cruz County, I wouldn't be able to do much, or participate in anything. Since seeing Kat Pastor from another small town recognized as School Counselor of the Year and having the immense fortune of hearing her during several conferences, I see that it doesn't matter where you are from as long as you do the job. I was fortunate enough to receive the Star Award through College Success Arizona in 2017, it has been one of the greatest honors I have received. These two factors pushed me to strive and continue making a difference for our students, continue advocating for their rights, but most importantly, helping students see the many opportunities available to them and within their reach. I always tell my students "Reach for the sky, the sky's the limit!" I am passionate about providing help so students complete their post-secondary education with as little to no debt, I am passionate about showing them the many opportunities out there but most importantly about seeing their self-worth. I am positive I can continue achieving this and possibly more by being involved as a member of the Board of Directors for AzSCA. It would be an honor and pleasure to serve our school counseling profession in this position.

Bill Lucas

School Agua Fria High School
Position Statement As an executive board member I would work to get more counselors involved with AzSCA. The position and importance of the school counselor profession is finally being recognized by legislators, school boards, and administrators as vital to student success. With AzSCA promoting roles, ratios, and respect, it is important for Arizona school counselors to know that they are not alone and are really part of a bigger organization. Knowledge and implementation of the ASCA model are vital to effective school counseling.