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Mike DiNicola is a husband, father, and educator with 20 years of experience in helping individuals to achieve career and education success. Dr. DiNicola is a former Professional School Counselor and Director of Pupil Services.  He currently serves a District Manager for ACT, Inc. and is an Independent Educational Consultant.  He is constantly looking for ways to use habits and technology to be more productive and efficient. He enjoys sharing his favorite life and technology hacks to help educators be their personal and professional best.
KEYNOTE The Morning Mindset -- Start Strong, Finish Stronger!
Most School Counselors are required to start their day early in the morning, but many School Counselors are not great morning people.  This session teaches skills and provides resources to help School Counselors create an intentional plan for a healthy, happy and productive day. Learn how you can create a plan to be your personal and professional best all day, every day!
SESSION 1 Morning Mindset 2.0 -- Wellness Tools for School Counselors
Take a deeper dive on the Morning Mindset. This interactive session will allow you to actively experience the six habits (meditation, affirmation, reading, journaling, exercise, and visualization) to support building a positive Morning Mindset.
SESSION 2 Tools for the Tech-Savvy School Counselor
Learn about the most powerful features of various productivity apps that every School Counselor should know including Evernote, Google Apps, Scannable, Productive, Outlook, and others. Dr. DiNicola will share his favorite tips, tricks, and hacks to help you become more effective, efficient, and have more fun in your work!
Rachel's Challenge
Darrell is the founder of the Rachel’s Challenge program. He has spoken to over five million people in live settings around the world, not counting the millions he has spoken to through programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, CNN, and the Today Show. He has authored or co-authored five  books,  and meets with politicians and educators regularly concerning issues of school violence.