Breakout Sessions

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Adverse Childhood Experiences--What are they and how can we help?

The session will begin with a discussion on how adverse childhood experiences have been demonstrated to negatively affect students' quality of life through longitudinal data as well as the facilitator's own personal story.  Participants will then learn about factors to help build resilience in students who have been affected by these experiences. This session is designed for participants who have low to moderate knowledge regarding adverse childhood experiences and wish to learn more.        


Aja DeZeeuw

School Counselor  | Globe High School

Aja DeZeeuw is a second-year school counselor at Globe High School in Gila County.  She holds two Master's degrees in School Counseling and Psychology. She became passionate about sharing the impact of adverse childhood experiences with others after learning how they influenced her quality of life as well as so many others, and is humbled to be able to share this information with other educators here today.  


All that and Bag of Chips: Ready-made resources for your High School College Counseling Program

College Counseling in our Comprehensive School counseling programs many times get pushed to the back burner.  Maybe your team has been doing the same lessons since 2000... Well its time to refresh your program! Come learn about some new and FREE resources that your can add to your program.  There will also be some time to share your own cool ideas!


Damien Bracey

School Counselor  | Valley Vista High School

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Previously an 8th grade social studies teacher for 7 years. This is my 11th year as a counselor.  I have a beautiful wife, daughter and son. I received my Bachelors at University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire and completed my Masters at Ottawa University.  I love sports and movies that go BOOM!!! I am currently serving as the President Elect of the Rocky Mountain Association for College Admission Counseling.

Are you ready for the Arizona FAF$A Challenge?!

Unleash your hidden FAFSA completion superhero powers! Arizona’s statewide FAFSA completion goal for the 2018-2019 school year is 50%. Help your high school Hulk-smash this goal by learning more about FAFSA data resources, best practices, and how to navigate the Arizona FAF$A Challenge website and dashboard.


Julie Sainz

FAFSA Challenge Project Director  | Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education

Julie Sainz is the Arizona FAFSA Challenge Project Manager for the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education. She has worked in higher education for several years and has held financial aid management and student affairs positions at the community college and university level. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Communications and Master’s in Postsecondary and Higher Education, both from Arizona State University.


Deena Lager

Director of Arizona Student Financial Aid & Director of the Arizona Family College Savings 529 Plan |  Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education

Deena Lager is the Director of the Arizona Family College Savings (529) and Arizona Student Financial Aid Programs at the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education.  Her 20-year career includes assisting students and families through the financial aid process at private and public universities in WA, CA and AZ, specifically focused on scholarships, state grants, student loans, work-study and study abroad programs. Deena received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Pacific Lutheran University.


ASCA Position Statements Advocacy, Education, Informed Practice

The American School Counselor Association maintains 45 statements addressing the school counselor role on various topics critical to the profession.  The statements are a guide to the profession and are part of the "foundational documents" every school counselor should be aware of.


After attending this session, participants should be able to:

  • Locate ASCA Position Statements within the ASCA website
  • Recognize value of ASCA’s position statements​
  • Understand the development and adoption process used by the position statements committee​
  • Develop an effective plan of action to use ASCA’s position statements in your upcoming advocacy and education efforts

Mark Boggie

Dean of Student Success  | Cochise College

Mark Boggie has extensive experience in developing school counseling programs at elementary-, secondary- and postsecondary levels. Mark’s experience includes: past president of AzSCA, Western Region Vice President ASCA; and co-chair of the ASCA Position Statement Committee.  Mark has been a Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) reviewer for 6 years and lead reviewer for 3 years. Mark has led school and district training. Mark nowserves as the Dean of Student Success at Cochise College in Arizona.


Become a Superhero - Supervise Tomorrow's School Counselors

This session is an opportunity for all school counselors with at least two years of experience to learn more about the supervision of school counselor practicum/interns.   Each year there are numerous school counseling program students looking for practicum and internship opportunities. How can you become a partner with the school counseling programs in Arizona and mentor students as they work towards becoming school counselors?  What does supervision entail and what does it look like? How can a student help with your workload without adding additional work? Come and learn how you can become the super hero for tomorrow’s school counselors.


Jill Zitt

Professor in Charge |  Ottawa University

Jill Zitt, Professor in Charge, Ottawa University School Counseling Program, Phoenix, AZ.  A school counselor in Wisconsin and Arizona for 20+years at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and a passionate advocate for the school counseling profession.  A National Certified Counselor and a National Certified School Counselor, Jill was Arizona’s 2014 School Counselor of the Year.


Patricia Young

Associate Clinical Professor / Coordinator  | Northern Arizona University

Dr. Patricia Young, a National Certified Counselor, has been a professional school counselor, teacher and counselor educator for over 30 years. She is an Associate Clinical Professor and Coordinator of the M.Ed. in School Counseling Program at the NAU- North Valley in Phoenix. Her professional interests include issues in multicultural counseling and education, school counselor preparation and supervision, and mentoring future school counselors.    


Joyce DeVoss

Dr. Joyce DeVoss is a professor and coordinator of the M.Ed. School Counseling Program at NAU Tucson Extended Campus and is co-chair of AzSCA’s Research Committee.   She has been training school counselors for over 25 years. She is lead author of the book, School Counselors as Educational Leaders (2006) and was the co-chair of the 2017 National Reach Higher Convening on promoting school counseling and college and career readiness held in March 2017 at ASU.                                                                                                                   

Communicating With Little Humans (when they aren’t acting human)

Adults with too many students to deal with, or who have been going from acting out student to acting out student in the office all day, don’t always communicate with thought and patience when one or more of the students acts out, especially when “Again?!” seems like a rational first response. How adults act in those situations can either prevent or trigger worse behavior.

School counselors can conduct staff training to help school staff develop communication methods that avoid triggering behavior and encourage more peaceful, building interaction with students.


David Harris

Graduate Student in School Counseling  | Northern Arizona University

After a career in military and government service, during which David earned a BA in Near Eastern Studies and an MA in Education - Curriculum and Instruction, he was hired to by Arizona@Work as a career counselor. He then decided to use the GI Bill to become a Professional School Counselor. He will graduate from NAU in May 2019.

Confessions of a School Counselor Supervisor

There were days where I felt like Superman and on top of my game...then other times, I felt like the Lex Luther...the evil villain amongst my team.  I rose above it by finding my own super listening, people and resiliency skills...

Come visit my workshop to learn amazing superpowers that will help the super heroes of school counseling programs perform effectively, reach program goals, and save the universe.  


Daniel Morales

Organizational Development Coordinator  | Pascua Yaqui Tribe

Daniel Morales - currently serves the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Tucson Arizona as the Organizational Development Coordinator.   He is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business as well as NAU where he received a Master’s in Education. Mr. Morales also received his MBA from Grand Canyon University. Most recent he has received the Supervisor of the Year Award from the Arizona School Counselors Association in 2017.

Counselor Self-Care, Who’s Taking Care of You?

You have listened to students, talked with teachers and been yelled at and dried the tears of parents.  You have given and given and given and there is still a list of to do’s and a line out the door! The work you do is important.  But, who takes care of you? How do you release and manage stress? This workshop is a hands on, reflective activity designed to help you identify your level of stress, steps to take to recharge and plan for your own self-care.  Come and give yourself a break!


Brenda Ramos

Director of Counseling and Social Services  | Chandler Unified School District

In education since 2001, Brenda Ramos holds a bachelor's in Special Education, a master's in Education Administration and Certificate of Advanced Graduate studies in School Counseling. Brenda has been a special education teacher, counselor, dean and athletic director, instructional specialist for secondary education, district AVID director and assistant principal. She oversees the counseling and social service supports for Chandler Unified School District.


Anne Cordasco

Assistant Director of Counseling and Social Services  | Chandler Unified School District

Even after nearly 30 years in education as a teacher, counselor and administrator, Anne Cordasco remains passionate about and committed to education.  She understands the demands school counselors face and advocates for counselor professional development and self-care.

Dangerous Online Communication: How to Identify It, Decipher It, and Talk to Kids About It

Do you know what LMIRL, WTTP and 121 mean? How about KMS or S2R? These slang terms are among the hundreds used every day online and through mobile devices. Kids know how to use these but are unaware of the consequences, while parents and educators are aware of the consequences but don’t always know what kids are doing online. In this session, you will learn how to identify and decipher dangerous online communication and develop skills to talk to kids about online safety. Topics include cyberbullying, sextortion, sexting, child luring, predator grooming tactics, and more.


Scott Pietrzak

Detective, Computer Forensics - Internet Crimes Against Children Unit  | Mesa Police Department

Scott Pietrzak has been in law enforcement for 26 years. He is currently a detective with the Computer Forensics-Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC) in the Mesa Police Department and has investigated crimes of child luring, sextortion, cyberbullying, sexting and more. Pietrzak has a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education from Northern Arizona University and has taught at the Mesa Police Academy. He has also attended the Forensic Interview School geared towards children.


Drug Trends

This seminar offers an in-depth review of current drugs of abuse among teens and adults; participants will see examples of these drugs and accompanying paraphernalia for use. The presentation also includes signs and symptoms of substance abuse, Arizona specific statistics on abuse, and the impact of substances on the developing teen brain. We will conclude with resources and information about teen substance abuse treatment across Arizona.


Natalia Chimbo-Andrade

Director of Community Education and outreach  | Community Bridges, Inc.

At Community Bridges, INC. (CBI) A statewide Behavioral Health agency, Mrs. Chimbo-Andrade is the director of community education and outreach. She has over 12 years’ experience working in youth program development and in the non-profit sector. Natalia is an experienced public speaker and uses several platforms to present on the dangers of substance abuse and concerns of mental health. She a certified ASIST, Mental Health First Aid, and SafeTALK trainer, and a proud Sundevil.


Empowering Counselors through Arizona's A-F Accountability System

Arizona's new A-F accountability system includes college and career readiness indicators.  In this session, I will discuss how counselors as leaders can leverage these accountability measures to garner administrator and teachers support for college knowledge curriculum.  


Eve McOmber

Doctoral Student, Educational Leadership  | University of Arizona

Eve McOmber is a current Educational Leadership Doctoral student at the University of Arizona and a AFJROTC instructor for Desert View High School.  Formerly a secondary school counselor, she is passionate about college access for first generation college students. In her dissertation research she is exploring the impact of the new A-F accountability system on subsequent college enrollment rates.


Ethical Considerations for School Counselors

School counselors face many professional ethical and legal challenges every day. Whether you are new to the field or have been practicing for years, legal and ethical challenges can still throw you for a loop and be difficult to appropriately navigate.  This workshop examines professional ethics and values by exploring issues such as client rights & counselor responsibilities, confidentiality & duty to warn, managing boundaries and multiple relationships, records maintenance, and professional competences. A variety of ethical vignettes related to school counseling will be explored.


Tracy Pressley

School Counselor and Department Chair  | Lake Havasu High School

Tracy is Department Chair at Lake Havasu High School and was instrumental in the initial RAMP application process.  She received her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and Zoology from University of Washington and a Master's in Education, Guidance and Counseling from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  She served on the ASCA Board of Directors for three years and is currently a Lead RAMP reviewer.


Deanna Ainsworth

School Counselor  | Lake Havasu High School

Deanna Ainsworth is a professional school counselor at Lake Havasu High School, a Re-RAMP school. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from Northern Arizona University and a Master’s of Science in Guidance and Counseling from the University of West Alabama. Prior to entering the School Counseling field, Deanna taught mathematics at Lake Havasu High School for eight years.

Fifty Shades of Peer Pressure, Including Bullying

Everybody needs and wants something.  Peer pressure is how we get others to help us fulfill these needs and wants. In this fun and interactive session we will explore a full spectrum of peer pressure tactics that people use, even if they are not super heroes. We’ll go from the “Please” all the way to “Do it or else…” and everything in between. Then we will enter into a realm of powerful refusal skills and mighty comebacks that all super-heroes would love.


Katta Mapes

School Counselor, Retired  | Creating Conscious Connections LLC

Katta Mapes is a retired counselor and author of two books on Social-Emotional Learning: “Stop! Think! Choose! Building Emotional Intelligence in Young People” (2000) and “A Manual for Teacher Training in Interpersonal Peacemaking” (1985). She is the founder of Creating Conscious Connections L.L.C. and is dedicated to promoting social-emotional well-being for all. When she is not consulting or writing, she volunteers at an elementary school and at a homeless shelter for men.


Saúl Ostroff

School Counselor  | Tucson Unified School District

Saúl Joseph Ostroff is an elementary school counselor in Tucson, AZ, with over 36 years of experience as an educator from Pre K, to University.  Saúl was honored with the AZ Elementary Counselor of the Year Award in 2004. Some of his areas of expertise are therapeutic play, class meetings, and group counseling.  Saúl has created partnerships with people and agencies in the Tucson area.

"Follow the Leader!" 7 Steps to Productive Leadership

Productive Leaders educate, elevate and empower individuals or groups to live a dream. They model the actions needed to create the communities people desire to be a part of. Frank Kitchen will share the seven actions takes by leaders who create communities where people and dreams flourish. Prepare yourself to become the leader who produces the positive results everyone talks about and attempts to replicate.  Participants will learn:

  • The definition and purpose of Leadership ?
  • The seven actions exhibited by highly productive leaders ?
  • Innovative motivation and training techniques?
  • How to create a unique leadership style tailored to their wants and needs

Frank Kitchen

Founder  | Frank Kitchen Enterprises

Frank Kitchen is the Founder of Frank Kitchen Enterprises, LLC. His keynote speeches, educational workshops and training programs educate, elevate, and empower leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators around the world to use their time, talents, teams and treasures to produce positive results in their communities, organizations, schools and workplaces by implementing his “Live FRESH” Philosophy.


From SEL to Early College Access; Leveraging Success Coaching for 7-12

How does your counseling team utilize technology and academic coaches to ease the student/counselor ratio burden? Learn about innovative programs that help students plan for life beyond high school, while providing extra layers of social/academic support.  Mindfulness and self-awareness, the connection between thoughts and outcomes, and personal empowerment through ownership and accountability will be integrated with academic resources during the presentation.


Mary O’Malley

Director of School Partnerships, Arizona  | ASU Prep Digital

Mary O'Malley is the Director of AZ School Partnerships for the new ASU Prep Digital Program (  She started her teaching career in the Glendale Union High School District in 1993 and taught in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Program at ASU West, both undergrad and graduate-level courses. As an Education Consultant, she supported K-12 schools across the U.S. regarding online and blended learning, at-risk learners, ELL, and integrating technology into staff development.


Dana Van Deinse

Executive Director of Partnership Development  | ASU Prep Digital

Dana Van Deinse is the Executive Director for ASU Prep Digital.  Dana has served as an Arizona educational leader for the past 20 years in the capacity of administrator, teacher, school board member, community member and as a parent of gifted students.

"I Live F.R.E.S.H.!" The Five-Step Recipe for Being a Difference Maker and Life Changer

Everyone has the ability to be a Positive Difference Maker and a Life Changer. To be a Difference Maker and a Life Changer, you must make the conscious choice to Live FRESH. FRESH is when you dedicate your Time, Talent, Team or Treasures to produce a positive results for yourself and others. FRESH is when you develop an attitude to be Focused, Resourceful, Enthusiastic, Strong and Honest. Frank Kitchen, will teach you his 5-Part Recipe to Living FRESH…the positive and productive reality of living something New, Exciting, Great, Wanted and Needed. Participants will learn:

  • How their attitudes and actions impact their life and lives of others ?
  • The importance of creating positive and productive environments?
  • The 5 essentials to staying motivated personally and professionally ?
  • The "I Live FRESH" Methodology on producing Positive Results?? 

Frank Kitchen

Founder  | Frank Kitchen Enterprises

Frank Kitchen is the Founder of Frank Kitchen Enterprises, LLC. His keynote speeches, educational workshops and training programs educate, elevate, and empower leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators around the world to use their time, talents, teamsand treasures to produce positive results in their communities, organizations, schools and workplaces by implementing his “Live FRESH” Philosophy.

Mindfulness for School Counselors

In a world where you wear many hats this session will allow you to take them all off.

In this workshop you will:

  • Define mindfulness qualities and learn about its positive effects on students and adults ?
  • Experience a mindful check-in and body scan using your 5 senses?
  • Learn how to create and apply a mindfulness practice for routine daily tasks?
  • Create a self-care plan and tool to empower self & students?
  • Walk away with resources and activities for instant application for self and students; including a formula to identify and reduce self-imposed stress

Jessica Stickel

School Counselor and Student Success Coach  | Prescott High School

Jessica Stickel is true possibilitarian who loves to see people light up when they see whats possible for them. She has worked with kids, families, and adults for over 20 years supporting their goals and dreams. She currently works at Prescott High School as a Student Success Coach where she gets to meet with students daily to help them explore, discover, and become their best selves.


Move from Good to Great with Collaboration to Ensure College and Career Readiness Across Your Community

Postsecondary education attainment rates among low-income, first generation, & students of color are comparatively low, closing these educational attainment gaps can be difficult.  Students in areas like Northern Arizona experience significant challenges that school counseling departments are combating with untraditional ways of working. Collaboration between school counseling departments and college access professionals creates alignment of programs to build meaningful college/career readiness across the community.  This session examines the challenges faced by disadvantaged college bound students, explores the successes counselors and college access professionals share when working together, and learn how they support each other to create comprehensive school counseling programs.


Katherine Pastor

School Counselor  | Flagstaff High School

Katherine is the American School Counselor’s Association 2016 National School Counselor of the Year. She began serving as the Flagstaff High School Counseling Department Chair in the 2008-2009 school year. Katherine and her team have received both state and national recognition. She served AzSCA as a board member from 2007 to 2017. Katherine joined the American School Counselors Association board of directors in 2017 and is an affiliate faculty member at NAU College of Education.


Roxanne Dewyer

Program Director  | Northern Arizona College Resource Center

I moved to Flagstaff in November 2011 to become an AmeriCorps volunteer with the Northern Arizona College Resource Center .  The year-long experience not only opened my eyes to the issues and challenges that surround college access in Arizona but also guided my heart to a field of work that sparks my passion for education. Since then, I have continued at the NACRC, which is hosted by Northern Arizona University, as the Program Manager.

Overcoming Cultural Poverty, Disengaged Parents, and Apathetic Students

Poverty is all too common in America’s schools. What's rare, is an opportunity for educators to sit an absorb first-hand from a former at-risk student who dropped out of high school, endured a mother abusing drugs, absent father and learning disability. Ultimately, repeating two grades. In this engaging session participants will unlearn perceived fallacies about students from poverty as well as discover my 4 R’s of education. Craig’s trademark slogan is “GED to PHD”, which is a concrete paradigm that educators should never give up on any student.


Craig Boykin

Professional Consultant  | Craig Boykin LLC

Craig’s story is one that moves, touches and inspires audiences. It’s a story about determination and personal accountability. It’s a story about a young man who refused to accept his current situation. Although Craig has risen to high levels of success as an acclaimed author and professional speaker, it’s his down-to-earth personality that endears him to those that come across his path.

PowerUP Your School Counseling Program

National Model have you stumped? Want to learn about effective advisory councils, calendars and advocacy? This session will assist you in pursuing RAMP or enhancing your delivery services for students and is geared for those new to the profession or if you are just beginning the RAMP process. Counselors from a re-RAMP high school will share best practices in leadership, advocacy and collaboration. We hope you join our dynamic team as we POWERUP your program. You'll leave with tools that you can use upon return to your school. Submit information ahead of time to help us meet your needs:


Sarah Skemp

School Counselor   | Lake Havasu High School
Sarah Skemp is a school counselor at Lake Havasu High School, a 2016 re-RAMP school. She was recognized as the 2015 Arizona School Counselor of the Year. Sarah is also an ASCA RAMP reviewer. She currently serves as the AzSCA Chair for Scholarships. She holds a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from University of Wisconsin-Platteville and a Master of Education in counseling (school counseling) from Sonoma State University.


Katie Stengel

School Counselor  | Lake Havasu High School

Katie Stengel is a professional school counselor in Lake Havasu High School, a RAMP school.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Theater from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Master of Science in School Counseling from Canisius College. She was recognized as the 2015 Arizona Rising Star Counselor.  Prior to entering the counseling field, Katie worked with at-risk youth and special education students using theater and fine arts.


Reframing Student Time Management Skills in a Delicious Way

Have you ever seen brilliant students fall short of their potential due to poor time management skills? This session gives counselors a fresh approach to time management that is both fun, memorable, and centers around one of students’ favorite things: food! Learn how to help students categorize their work into “food groups” meat (difficult), vegetables (easy) and desserts (fun) and then plan a balanced diet of activities each day to maximize productivity and minimize stress.


Emily Schwartz

Professor  | Arizona State University

Dr. Emily Schwartz is a professor at Arizona State University and a frequent presenter on the subjects of time and money management. With a Ph.D. in music education, her unique background in the arts, education, finance, and public speaking allows her to make content both relatable and memorable.


Simple Tools to Enhance Collaboration with Stakeholders

Participants will be introduced to two tools to digitally enhance collaboration between staff, teachers, students, or families. First part of this presentation will focus on how Microsoft OneNote can be used to keep all important information organized and at the fingertips of all stakeholders. The other half will focus on how NearPod can turn informative meetings into interactive web 2.0 discussions allowing audience members to interact with your presentations and storing audience data for later analysis. Free versions of each tool are available to any user and only free features will be highlighted during this presentation.


Michael Goto

Associate Superintendent  | Ombudsman Charter Schools

Michael Goto serves as an administrator for seven schools serving at risk and disengaged youth. With a Masters' in Instructional Technology with Google Educator and a Microsoft in Education Expert certifications, his passion is using technology to bridge gaps and increase instructional effectiveness. As a National Board Certified Teacher provides candidate support and serves as a board member for the Arizona National Board Network. A west valley Arizona native with a wife and four kids.


Some Secrets Should be Shared: Implementing an Evidence-based Suicide Prevention Program

This session will explore how school counselors can lead a team to implement an evidence-based suicide prevention curriculum in the classroom, creating a culture of help-seeking and identifying students in need. We will review risk factors and warning signs for suicide and action steps to take when concerned about a child. Counselors are often tasked with prevention and intervention services. Hearing from program staff, learn best practices in suicide prevention training, partnering with faculty and parents, and direct student support.  


Leanora Karnath

Program Manager  | Riverside Community Care

Leanora Karnath is the Program Manager for the Signs of Suicide program, an evidence-based youth suicide prevention program which has been implemented in schools across the country. She graduated with an MS in Health Communication from Tufts University. Her graduate career was focused on addressing various mental health issues facing youth, including suicide prevention. She worked with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Suicide Prevention Unit to complete her capstone project.

Take Your Cape Off!

I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret: It’s okay to take off your superhero cape! *GASP* Come talk about what self-care is and is not. How to set boundaries, address your workaholism tendencies, and cease the campaign to be all things to all people at all times. Self-care shouldn’t be just another check mark to accomplish on your to-do list. It doesn’t have to be material things or events that you have to find the money or time for.  Self-care is for everyone, everyday!


Chelsea Charlton

School Counselor  | New Directions Alternative High School

Chelsea is a fourth year school counselor whose passion has always been for students most at-promise. She is passionate about developing a healthy self-care routine, creating mindful practices in schools, and advocating for all students to achieve to their full potential. Chelsea is a Michigan native who loves the Arizona heat. She also loves her husband, Brooks  and her dog, Jackson. Her self-care routine includes saying no, reading, and hiking.


Teaching in the Era of Trauma: Sharing the Calm Instead of Joining the Chaos

Children and adults witness trauma regularly; however, we often struggle with being trauma-informed in our daily interactions.  Understanding trauma, toxic stress, and self-regulation allows you to create a trauma informed lens, which helps you to improve the lives of your students and colleagues as well as yourself.  Students have improved school performance and social-emotional experiences when they self-regulate, which can be modeled by the adults around them. Often times, we pour energy into others that need us but neglect our own emotional health. Take the time to learn how you can share the calm instead of joining the chaos.


Caitlin Gizler

Director of Integrated School Based Services  | Valle del Sol

Caitlin Gizler is an independently Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Nonprofit Professional who has been with Valle del Sol for the past 7 years. Caitlin’s clinical work focuses on creating systemic change for increased safety, security, and healing for children, families, and communities. With her training and expertise in working with the effects of trauma and complex system dynamics, she has created a program that connects integrated behavioral health into school settings.


The Power of a Comprehensive Program - The ASCA National Model

Learn the power of implementing comprehensive school counseling programs designed to serve ALL students! Participants will learn the benefits of a comprehensive program (American School Counselor Association National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs).  Including:

  • Comprehensive, data-driven school counseling programs improve a range of student learning and behavioral outcomes.
  • Elementary schools with comprehensive data-driven school counseling programs display higher academic outcomes compared to schools without such programs.
  • Students who have greater access to school counselors and comprehensive school counseling programs are more likely to succeed academically and behaviorally in school; ... particular true for students in high-poverty schools.

Mark Boggie

Dean of Student Success  | Cochise College

Mark Boggie has extensive experience in developing school counseling programs at elementary-, secondary- and postsecondary levels. Mark’s experience includes: past president of AzSCA, Western Region Vice President ASCA; and co-chair of the ASCA Position Statement Committee.  Mark has been a Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) reviewer for 6 years and lead reviewer for 3 years. Mark has led school and district training. Mark nowserves as the Dean of Student Success at Cochise College in Arizona.


Katherine Pastor

School Counselor  | Flagstaff High School

Katherine is the American School Counselor’s Association 2016 National School Counselor of the Year. She began serving as the Flagstaff High School Counseling Department Chair in the 2008-2009 school year. Katherine and her team have received both state and national recognition. She served AzSCA as a board member from 2007 to 2017. Katherine joined the American School Counselors Association board of directors in 2017 and is an affiliate faculty member at NAU College of Education.


The Space Between Stimulus and Response...Mindsets Based Lessons On Self Awareness

Viktor E.Frankl, Holocaust Survivor said, “Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”   I would contend that the choices we make in that space define us. Teaching students they have the power to choose before responding, creates an extraordinary opportunity.  We will explore engaging self awareness activities and you will walk away with lessons you can use right away. These can be utilized to create school wide language around the power we have to make choices in that very important space.


Deborah Blume

School Counselor  | Greenville County Schools

Deborah Blume has been an educator for more than twenty years, working as a Special Education Teacher, Learning Specialist, Behavior Specialist and School Counselor.  She received her BS and MA from New Mexico State University. She holds licensure in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education and Guidance. Ms. Blume believes collaboration and communication are at the heart of creating and maintaining a Comprehensive School Counseling Program


The Ten Year Arizona Forecast: Jobs and Education

Job opportunities are booming in Arizona! Which ones? What education opens those doors? What skills lead to fast success? In this session you will learn how to help your students target their education to fast track attaining their dream jobs. Researchers from the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity will explain the data used by State policy makers to guide the Arizona economy and will answer your questions about how you can use the same information to guide your students.


Trevor Stokes

Program Manager  | Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity

Trevor Stokes leads the Governor's Work Ready initiative and specializes in labor market analysis.


Using Group work to Support Culturally Diverse Elementary and Middle School Students

This session will focus on group work with culturally diverse elementary and middle school students. The Achieving Success Everyday (ASE) Group Counseling Model will be presented with session plans and activities included. Attendees will walk away from the session with a fresh outlook on group work in schools, an understanding of the ASE model, strategies to involve teachers and families using relevant data collected, and session plans to use when implementing the model with culturally diverse elementary and middle school students.


Joy Rose

School Counselor  | Roadrunner Elementary School

Joy Rose is in her 8th year as a professional school counselor. Before moving to Arizona she worked in an urban middle school in Washington, DC. She currently works at an elementary school in MUSD.


Using Your Military Recruiters For More Than Recruiting

Are you sick of recruiters showing up, unannounced whenever they want?  Learn to train them! Utilize them for staff training, student resources, presentations, school events, and so much more.  Your military recruiters can help improve your A-F accountability score, assist in ECAP compliance, and help students with their post-secondary transition, even if the student doesn’t want to join the military.


Kristina Guy

Campus Counselor  | West-MEC Northwest Campus

I have been in education since 2003.  Starting as an English teacher I moved into the counseling world in 2012. This is my second year at West-MEC and I am an advocate for all students no matter what their post-secondary plan happens to be. I am an Arizona native, 4th generation.  I love Arizona and all it has to offer. I often enjoy this wonderful state exploring with my family.

Vaping Me CRAZY!

JUULing is sweeping the youth of this country. Over 11% of HS students and almost 5% MS students are currently vaping. This workshop addresses what vaping can do to the body and give educators tools to use to help youth understand the dangers it poses to them and how they are being targeted. We will discuss what e-cigarettes are really being used for and how youth are being targeted to use THC with it. We will talk about the signs of use, what to do, and how to approach this subject with our youth.


Michael DeLeon

National Youth Education Advocate  | Steered Straight, Inc.

Michael is the founder of Steered Straight, Inc.  A non-profit organization formed in 2000 designed with the intention of carrying a message to youth and young adults regarding the extreme dangers of drugs, gang-involvement and criminal activity.  Michael spends his time developing Steered Straight by stressing the importance of young men and women making sound, rational decisions in their day to day lives. Education and awareness are the best tools to give youth.


Why do I love my school Counselor? Let me count the ways...

This inspirational & informative session will give you an opportunity to talk and engage with a high school student panel about school safety, bullying, social-emotional obstacles, and graduation. An engaging discussion, questions, and answers on students exceptions on support from their school counselors.  Are we on the same page?


Anna Cicero

School Counselor

Anna Cicero is an active/retired school counselor from MPS who advocates for the school counseling profession and all students well-being and success.  After being a teacher and school counselor leader for over 30 years, she continues to be involved with student groups and professional organizations whose priority is student success and safety.   The student panel will share facts, opinions, reflections, stories and more from which school counselors can increase their knowledge in meeting students' needs.

Your Superhero Power - Making Change by Telling Your Story

You know the story of school counseling in Arizona but who else knows?  Policy changes are needed in our state to reduce counselor to student ratios.  While the state legislature makes major decisions for education in our state primarily around funding, local school boards decide how the funding for their districts will be spent.  Learn how the policy structure works and hear from a prominent school board member about how you can make changes in your own district. Your story is important to our state and we want to help you tell it.


Donna Davis

Senior Community Engagement Manager  | Expect More Arizona

Donna Davis is the Senior Community Engagement Manager for Expect More Arizona, a statewide nonpartisan education advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring every Arizona child has access to an excellent education from pre-K through college. With a degree in health education, Donna has over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector.