Special Conference Pricing Standards & Qualifications

All conference registrations involving special pricing are subject to verification and authorization from the Conference and Membership Committees as necessary. In order to expedite this process, please see below the standards that must be met in order for a registrant to receive special pricing consideration to attend the AzSCA Conference.

Student Rate
The student rate was set up for full-time graduate students pursuing a degree in school counseling but not currently employed as full-time school counselors. Most graduate students are not full-time school counselors, earning a full-time salary. Additionally, most students must pay their own registration fees, as they are not employed by a school that is willing to pay for their conference attendance. Therefore, registrations paid by purchase order are most likely not eligible to receive the student rate. Offering a student rate is our way of helping graduate students “make ends meet” while they are pursuing their graduate degree in Counseling.

In order to be eligible to receive the student rate, the graduate student must meet the above criteria and have a current AzSCA Student membership. If you need to secure a student membership with AzSCA, or check your membership type, please email Jim Taylor, Membership Chair, at membership@azsca.org.

Retired Counselor Rate
The retired rate reserved for truly retired counselors, meaning those who are not currently employed as a school counselor. We understand that retired counselors may want to keep their certification up-to-date by participating in continued professional development. The method of payment most likely for the retired registration is a credit card. This significant price reduction is offered as a consideration to the diminished income that comes with retirement.

In order to be eligible to receive the retired rate, the attendee must meet the above criteria, and have a current AzSCA Retired membership. If you need to secure a retired membership with AzSCA, or check your membership type, please email Jim Taylor, Membership Chair, at membership@azsca.org.

Administrator Rate
The administrator rate was introduced into the registration process with a very specific goal in mind. The purpose of this extreme reduction in the registration fee is meant to promote and encourage collaboration between school counselors and the administrators of their program. We feel that by attending our conference, administrators will develop better insight and understanding about the value of the school counselor. We encourage counselors to bring their direct administrators, such as their principals or vice-principals from their schools, or the directors on the district level, with them to the conference. Specifically, we want to provide the opportunity for those in the direct decision-making positions over the school counselor to become educated on the value of the school counselor, by allowing them insight on a professional level to the roles their counselors play within their schools. Our conference is a tremendous tool that can help counselors and administrators unite together, learn together, stay informed together, and thus, ultimately, build the counseling portion of the school program together.

Presenter Rate
We are very grateful to the professionals in and around our community who are willing to share their time and expertise with our attendees. We appreciate the time they have spent during the application process and in preparing their presentations and provide a discounted rate to individuals selected to present a breakout session.

To be eligible for the presenter rate, the presenters must be selected and approved by the Conference Committee. The presenter rate is limited to two (2) individuals per session.