2017 AzSCA Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to this years Scholarship winners!

High School Scholarship

Jade Wittboldt
Marcos De Niza

Brittany Alexander
Dobson High School

Marley Oakes
Deer Valley High School

Jade was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona and is a student at Marcos de Niza High School. She plans on attending Arizona State University, where she will pursue my business degree. She would like to become a sports marketing specialist and event planner because she is drawn to the idea of being involved in making unforgettable events and advertisements. She loves her tight-knit family and says that everything she does is to make them proud.
Brittany is a student at Dobson High School, where she has been heavily involved in activities and leadership roles including marching band, The National Honor Society, and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). Academically, she most enjoys the subjects of science and mathematics. Her passion in life is helping others. Combining those two interests, she plans to pursue a medical career in nursing at the Arizona State University.

Marley Oakes is a senior from Phoenix, Arizona and attends Deer Valley High School. She has been heavily involved with Student Government all four years of high school, and plans to continue other leadership opportunities when she attends Northern Arizona University in the fall. Marley plans on majoring American History, as well as expanding her knowledge in political science and communication skills. In the future, she would like to become a history teacher or a historical consultant for a news network. 

Graduate Scholarship

Megan Anderson
Megan has been working with the Northern Arizona College Resource Center for the past three years, advising students on their post-secondary pursuits. As a member of the NACRC, Megan's passion for education has developed into a hopeful career path. This semester, Megan will start the Masters in Education, Educational Leadership program at Northern Arizona University. Megan hopes to continue her work with low income and first generation students. She hopes to someday be able to work in educational policy in order to create lasting change for the students of Arizona.