Supervisor & Advocate of the Year

We recognize that individuals do not necessarily need to be a school counselor to support and advance the profession, which is why we encourage our members to nominate for Supervisor/Administrator and Advocate of the Year. Individuals who have shown exemplary support of school counseling services, outstanding promotion of school counseling services, implementation of new/additional school counseling services and/or improvement of existing school counseling services are excellent candidates for these awards.

Supervisor/Administrator of the Year

The Supervisor/Administrator Award recognizes an administrator, coordinator, director or supervisor whose leadership has shown outstanding support and impact in the school counseling field on a local, state, or national level.

Advocate of the Year

The Advocate Award recognizes a person (not necessarily in a supervisory position) or organization whose advocacy of school counseling has made an impact on a local, state or national level. The Advocate of the Year nominee should NOT be actively employed as a school counselor or as a supervisor/administrator over school counselors or school counseling services at the school, district, or state levels. (Examples of appropriate nominations include parents, community members, school board members, etc.)

We are no longer accepting nominations for 2018.